And so it begins…

This is all new to me…this whole blogging thing.  Many people have been after me to start this.  Well not necessarily to start a blog specifically, but have been asking for advice and tips and what motivates me and wanting to know my story and on and on and on.  Don’t take that the wrong way I LOVE it.  I’m so happy to be able to share my journey with you.  This way I just have to tell it once and everyone gets to hear.  And, the best part is all those folks over on Facebook and Twitter don’t have to hear every word if they don’t want to.  First off, bare with me this could take awhile to get used to.  I don’t know the first thing about blogging.  I can tell you that I plan to share my story very soon.  I’m working on it.  That will be my next post so be on the look out.  After I do that I plan to share some of the things that I began to change specifically such as foods, workouts, etc. I will eventually catch up to speed. After that I plan to blog weekly about my workouts and meal plans. I hope you plan to keep following along!!

Please don’t expect anything fancy from me.  This is not a proper paper.  This is not something I take the time to edit.  This is me having a conversation with you. Talking to you about my passion and my goals and telling you how I came to know them and how I plan to reach them. There may be rambling. There may be run on sentences. There may be things that don’t make any sense to you at all. That’s okay though because I love questions!

Before I get completely started I just want each and everyone of you to know that I am thankful you are reading this.  I am happy that you support me. Most of all I am glad to be sharing with others what I want to talk about every minute of every day-my passion. Most don’t understand it.  I probably annoy people a lot. I just can’t help myself.  It’s my thing. It’s what I love and care about.  It’s sort of an obsession. This is going to become my outlet.  I want to inspire you, motivate you, help you, and be your fan.  I get enjoyment and fulfillment from seeing others progress in life whether it’s fitness related or not.

And would you look at that…my very first blog complete. Hope to finish up my story blog soon y’all. Until next time fit fam!!! xoxoxo




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