Food for thought.


Since I’m meal prepping as we speak I figured I had better blog a little on food since I promised I would. Gosh, that took a long time. I know I know. Listen I have a life ya know 😛 just kidding I don’t really…other than working and working out right now. That’s it. So anyways y’all are like how can I eat my way to smoking hot, right?? I’m totes down with that idea!!!! You just don’t know how often people think I “starve myself to death” or how many times I get “I just can’t quit eating” WELL HELLOOOOOO do you think I quit eating?? You can’t get muscles if you don’t eat people. That’s a RULE. You must eat! I eat. Oh gosh you wouldn’t believe how much I eat. I’m not lying to you either folks that’s the key to speeding up the metabolism and weight loss…eating. Honestly, when I first started this journey I had to literally shock my body’s metabolism into believing that it needed to speed up. YEAH. My eating schedule was so off track that my body literally talked to my fat and was like….don’t you dare go anywhere. UGH. Well that was depressing. So anyway I did my research and slowly began to discover that the key to losing weight, gaining muscle, and getting fit is to eat, BUT eat clean and healthy. How awesome is that. I know!!!!!!!!


EAT PEOPLE. You have to get on a schedule of eating regularly and clean if you want to even think about changing. And, PLEASE do me and yourself a huge favor?? Do not go spend hours in the gym if you’re going to waste it all on bad foods…you may see tiny changes, but I can assure you not like you will if you eat clean and regularly. Ok, so got that….you have to eat it’s okay. You think I’m being funny well I’m not. You wouldn’t believe at the people who ask me for advice and the first thing I ask….what and how much are you eating?? Welllllllll I don’t know I’ve never really paid attention. Well guess what that’s okay, BUT try to work on that!!! I’m guilty. For 20 years I didn’t really pay attention. Think about it though…you only get ONE body. ONE life. ONE chance. Do you really want to put nasty even potentially harmful foods into your body day after day after day? Probably not and I know you don’t mean to. It’s nearly impossible to escape trust me I know. And, I also know sometimes we can’t help it and sometimes it’s hard, but if you focus and dedicate yourself to make an honest effort you can always do better! Don’t get me wrong there’s just sometimes I have to break down and give in too. You think I’m perfect? Oh you do…that’s sweet! Just kidding. NO I’m not perfect…y’all know how my momma cooks. **GRIN** You think when I go home I resist that? Nope. But, you can bet your tail that day to day I measure, I weigh, I count, I choose carefully. This is our body…our life people. I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to live a long long time. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to be ill and frail. I want to be happy and healthy for as long as I possibly can…and ripped too 😀


So now you’re alert, right? You’re going to the grocery store and you’re like I’m totally going to try and do better. If I were you I think I’d stock up on lots of clean protein, vegetables galore, a few sources of carbs, and some fruits for sweets!!! The key to being healthy and losing weight is clean eating. I don’t think I can stress that enough. Yes, I lift nearly every single day, but the cuts and the leaning out come from my food. I swear! So now that I’ve talked you into eating…and even eating healthy I want to give you some different things that I like to include on my grocery list just like I promised I would.


PROTEIN sources: eggs, egg whites, chicken, lean ground turkey, lean ground beef, scallops, tuna, salmon, whey protein, greek yogurt, and peanut butter.

CARB sources: (brown) rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa (dark), greek yogurt, wheat bread, wheat pasta, and peanut butter, (also most of your green veges have some low carbs, which are great too!)

VEGES: broccoli, spinach, kale, asparagus, green pepper, red pepper, yellow pepper, sweet potato

FRUITS: blueberries, bananas, avocado, apples, strawberries


If you figure out your caloric intake (and you can do this by using various websites such a livestrong,, fitday, etc. ) and you fill your daily calories with foods I’ve listed (AND THERE ARE MANY MORE IF YOU RESEARCH) then I can promise you that you will begin to fill healthier and happier. Changing your eating habits alone can result in weight loss and just think what will happen if you begin to move a little too!!! Pick up some heavy things, run around outside, hop on the stair climber….YOU are then on the path to smoking hot!! Just try to stay away from the drive thru windows and the late night snacks, the chips, the cookies, the ice cream, the alcohol, the soda, the sweet tea, the candy…. whatever your weakness may be. I challenge you!!!!!!! And, most importantly drink LOTS of water. Treat yourself to a nice water bottle that way you want to use it all the time! Fill it up every time it runs out….you need water to get rid of water and water weight. I know it sounds weird, but if you eat clean and drink lots of water you will see and feel major differences even without a single workout.  


YOU CAN DO THIS FOLKS!!!!! I know you can. If I can do it then anyone can. You can say no to the bad foods. They are tempting yes, but exercise your will power…challenge yourself! I dare you because when you do you won’t look back!!!! Your body and health will begin to thank you. You may think I’m in this for the looks alone, but I’m not. Yes, I LOVE having big muscles and yes I LOVE lifting heavy things, but I’ll tell you what the way I feel health wise is really what I’m doing this for. I’m in this for the long haul and you can and should be too. I feel better, I look better, I breathe better, I don’t get sick nearly as often, my skin is hydrated, my cellulite is disappearing, I’ve dropped 8 sizes, and I’ve lost nearly 70 pounds. I can tell you it will be hard and challenging, but it will be worth it! Don’t you dare say it can’t happen to you. IT CAN BE DONE!!!!!!


(((I didn’t really focus on a lifting diet specifically because I wanted to help EVERYONE out!!! This is a very basic run down and if you have more specific questions please ask! But, I would definitely be willing to give some help and advice on that as well. All the foods that I eat are the same as listed above I just focus more on counting my macros, which are fats, carbs, and proteins along with tracking calories at the same time.)))

 And, please remember these are just things that I’ve learned from experience and research that have helped me. I don’t claim to be an expert by any means, but I am more than willing to help anyone out if I can! Anything else y’all want to know or hear about? Tell me or ask me please. I’m an open book! 🙂


AND just hold your britches my fabulous fit fam….workouts coming soon!!!!!!





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