You asked for it…now get off your bums!!!

I wanted to post a few workouts for y’all like I’ve promised. I’ll give you some of my workouts, but if you need more then I will say is where to find some. That site has my heart.

***Youtube or google videos of these exercises if you don’t know them. There are some great videos out there to help you get the form down!!! I hope to record my own videos soon when I have time. ALSO, I know a lot of these exercises have to be done in a gym due to lack of equipment in homes, but you’d be surprised at what you can do at home with a cheap set of dumbbells or a heavy bookbag, etc.!!! You CAN make it work at home too!!!!!!


**I suggest doing 3 sets of 8-12 reps depending on what dumbbell size used. Starting with 5-10lb dumbbells is ideal if you’ve never lifted before…figure out what works for you! Make sure you are pushing yourself and feeling the burn! ☺

Bicep hammer curls

Bicep preacher curls

Focused bicep curls

Cable bicep curls

Incline bicep curls-sitting on incline bench with back firmly situated hold a dumbbell in each hand and extend down to sides, come back up with pinky fingers turning inward and squeeze. Repeat slowly.

Barbell bicep curls

Standing tricep extension

Seated tricep extension

Tricep Skull Crushers w/ dumbbells or bar bell

Tricep cable pull downs-there are a variety of ways to use cables to work the tricep muscle-GOOGLE or BODYBUILDING.COM!!!

Tricep kickbacks

Decline/Incline tricep skull crushers

((((You won’t want to do all of these on the same day…pick a few and alternate them out on the days you work your arms!))))

SHOULDERS: ***Ladies shoulders and back are two of my absolute favorites!!!! Don’t skip out on shoulders…they are important to your overall body appearance. Having nice shoulders makes a good impression of the whole body & also gives a smaller waist appearance!!!!!!

Lateral raises with dumbbell

Military press

Seated overhead dumbbell press

Arnold press

Delt flys

Incline delt flys

Rear dealt flys on machine

Front raises with dumbbell


Pull-ups-assisted, bands, or regular

Seated cable rows

Sitting cable pull-down

Lateral pull-downs-front & back

Bent over bar bell rows

Bent over dumbbell rows

Lat Pull-down machine-some gyms have and some don’t

Seated row machine-same as above

LEGS & BOOTY: I knew this was what you ladies were waiting for 😉 DON’T be afraid to push yourself and lift heavy…you will NOT look manly or bulky. You WILL however get a big round bottom…eeeeekkkkkkk!!!!!!

Squats-4-5 sets of 10-15 reps (((adjust the weight based on YOU…push yourself, but make sure you have proper form & can get full sets. ASS TO GRASS…squeeze those glutes like you’re pinching a penny!!!)))

Deadlifts-3-5 sets of 5-8 reps ((go as heavy as possible, but with PROPER form…form is the MOST important thing on legs so you don’t hurt yourself and you get the full effect. )) ****FYI-I started dead lifting 60 pounds & my current PR is 200lb…shooting for 225lb next week!!! I currently deadlift 135-155 for reps.****

Lunges-3-4 sets of 10-12 reps (use dumbbells or a weighted bar to add resistance)

Glute raises-the specific kind I do is: sit with back against a low bench legs out with feet on floor…lift legs and butt driving through the heels and pause and squeeze at the top I do this with a weighted bar across my pelvic area. Repeat. (weighted or unweighted) IT BURNS THE BOOTY!!! Do 3 sets of 20.

******All of the following can be done between 3-5 sets for reps between 8-15 depending on weight used and goals. I suggest doing high reps, low weight for toning & low reps, high weight for building muscle.

Sumo squats

Wide stance squats

Low pulse squats

Donkey kickbacks-on floor OR on smith machine using weighted bar

Hamstring extension

Hamstring Kickback

Quad extension

Leg Press

Smith machine weighted lunge

Hip adductor/abductor machine-frontwards & backwards

Standing calf raises

Seated calf raises

(((There are several other leg & booty exercises for you ladies!!!! I’ll post some more later on. I know most of y’all keep asking me how to build the booty so try youtubing or googling some more because there’s plenty more out there!!! But, these will definitely get you where you need to be!)))




Decline sit-ups

Leg lifts

Roman twists

Roman chair raises

RUNNING!-the thing about abs is that you have to have to have to burn all of the fat off of the tummy to be able to see abs…all of these exercises will help, but the ultimate guide to a flat tummy/abs is CLEAN eating, weight training, AND cardio. You WILL NOT get abs without doing ALL 3!!!

There are so many more exercises out there…these are just a few that I do!!! I will say that I still do a lot of cardio with my weight training. I do 30 minutes of cardio at least 3 times a week (running, biking, stair climber, elliptical,etc.) and I do bits of cardio in between each lift daily such as doing a lifting set and then doing 30 seconds of jumping jacks, or doing a lifting set and then doing 50 sit-ups, or doing a set and then 25 pushups, etc. I ALWAYS try to superset my lifts with something cardio related. This spikes the heart rate up and then brings it back down slowly, repeating itself, which is an ULTIMATE fat burner!!!

If anyone has questions or specifics they want to ask as always feel free. I’ve come to realize that helping people is what I do best. It’s something I’m good at!!! Not to mention it makes me feel good ☺ Y’all keep pushing!!!!! No excuses. Get moving!!!!!!!!!!

Love & hugs to my fabulous fitfam!




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