Fitness can be whatever **YOU** want it to be…

Whether you believe it or not it’s not ONLY about having big muscles and lean cuts when it comes to health and fitness y’all…I know I sometimes portray that so I wanted to clear up my thoughts a little. From my social media and what everyone knows of me you probably think wow Kim has become this gym rat who only cares about having big biceps and shoulder caps!!!! Well, that’s not quite right…though it’s close 😉 just kidding. Through this journey I have learned so much about my body and myself. Some scary things too :X yikes!!! I’ve already shared with you that I never drank water until after I graduated high school….I know I know. Scary. Also, I never ate vegetables, didn’t know what an avocado was, thought olive oil was disgusting because it was green, and thought skim milk WAS water and wouldn’t dare get near it!!! That’s just a few things. I was a whole milk girl all the way I told y’all that…HELLOOOOO CELLULITE. Actually, now it’s BYEEEEE cellulite! Well working on it. But, almost! **round of applause for myself** ((Dairy is a biggie for causing cellulite…curse you dairy.)) I’m still working on a lot of things actually…I always will be. That’s the thing about life, you can be happy and healthy, don’t get me wrong you should be, but you can never be healthy ENOUGH!!!! Can you? I don’t think so. You should never stop working towards your health and happiness…that’s a BIG thing I’ve learned. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again you only get one life & one body…be good to yourself folks!!!!!!


Being healthy and fit to me means a lot of different things and that’s the point I want to make. As if my opinion is soooo important haha. So you don’t have to JUST lift weights to be healthy or fit. You don’t have to JUST run. You can do yoga, cardio, weight lifting, swimming, biking, cross-fit, hiking, walking, climbing pretty much doing any or all of those things is being healthy. Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle…it’s a way of life. It’s whatever YOU want it to be. For me being healthy entails a lot of different things and ALWAYS involves doing something with my sweet Daniel & Dolly. Another thing is that you can be healthy without doing a single movement (((even though I wouldn’t suggest not working out))) but focusing on the foods you eat and the way you cook can mean you’re healthy. Having a good relationship with your family & friends is being healthy. Taking care of your skin and your body…. that’s being healthy too. The thing I’m trying to say here is that just doing one certain thing doesn’t make you fit or healthy and not doing one of those things doesn’t necessarily make you unhealthy. FIND YOUR BALANCE OF HEALTHY & HAPPY!!!!! I don’t care if you go for a short walk in the morning when you wake up or you run 6 miles…you’re doing something for YOUR health and happiness and that’s something to be proud of!!!!! Don’t let what others are doing interfere with your plans or your vibes…only you can figure out what you want & need. If you wake up and drink a glass of ice-cold water in the mornings with your cup of Joe to be healthier and you’ve never done that before then PROPS TO YOU that’s more than most can say!!!! I’m proud of you! I always get the question…how did you make it your lifestyle? How have you stuck with it for 2+ years? Well, start with the little things. That’s the thing about a lifestyle, it doesn’t just happen overnight. You start small & eventually everything you do becomes what you’ve worked towards! I promise. So start doing one or two things a day to become more healthy….when those become routine add 2 more. Just watch and see what happens!!!!! EVERYONE STARTS SOMEWHERE!


Y’all thought one of my most favorite things about fitness was getting a big round bum? Or big guns, huh?!! Well I mean yeah those are niceeeeee…but, one of my most favorite things about becoming healthier and clean eating is my clear skin and overall appearance. NOTHING IS SEXIER THAN A VEGETABLE GLOW!!!!! No truer words!! Can y’all believe I don’t wear makeup on a regular basis anymore???? Yeah, pick yourself up off the floor now! I know you thought you’d never see the day. BUT, I might wear make-up once or twice a week at the most…just when I want to!!!!! When I feel like it I do…that’s another thing. Whatever you feel like doing just do it. Who cares what Joe Blow thinks about you…. chances are they wanted to do it too and were scared to. Soooooo DO WHATEVA YOU WANT WHENEVA YOU WANT. I do. My motto. Like peaceeeeeee people. So back to what I was saying…Y’all know my past I have nothing to hide…I was unhealthy. I ate trash, I fed my body chemicals, I didn’t take care of my skin, I didn’t drink water, I was fat…on and on and on.   And, let me tell you right now YES I have a few stretch marks….and if you don’t then you just need to count your lucky stars right now!!!!!!! And, you’re doing something right so keep it up!!!!!!! 🙂 But, the thing is those marks don’t define who I am anymore. (((Don’t let them define you either.))) They don’t make me unhealthy or weak. They are on my body as a constant reminder of who I once was. Who is USED to be. They remind me of the person I overcame…they keep me humble. I’m wearing them PROUD…finally. For once in my life I am able to accept the fact that those marks are on my skin to keep reminding me that I was meant to inspire people. The best thing is you hardly see them anymore. I’ve had a few messages asking about them & cellulite. Do they go away, how do you prevent them, how do they look after lots of weight loss….well I can say TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN AND DRINK LOTS OF WATER AND EATS LOTS OF VEGES….they WILL nearly disappear and no more will come!!!!!! Plus you’ll look so smoking hot no one will even notice hehe! That’s the good news. There’s no bad news. Haha scared ya didn’t I?!! Skincare is so so so important to me now…just as important as eating habits and working out!!!!!!!! I will say that clean eating has done so much for my skin….more than any lift or exercise could ever do. A few things that I use for skincare to prevent getting lifting marks and to help with the old ones are Bio-Oil, Coco & Shea Butter Lotion, Biotin, and Fish Oil. Also, even though eating lots of veges will give your skin and face that amazing glow, using facial cleansing products has helped me tremendously as well. I use Clinique products myself, but I’ve also used several all-natural Neutrogena products as well. ***There’s your little beauty tip*** You’re welcome!!!! Haha.


I guess I just really wanted to elaborate on the fact that fitness & health means SO much to me. It means SO much more to me than picking up a heavy weight or going for a run. It means more than just appearance. It means taking care of my body and myself. It means clean cooking and new recipes. It means having a partner to get fit with. It means meal prepping. It means living to be 100. It means having healthy relationships. It means I’m aspiring to grow my own vegetable and herb garden. It means going on a date with my fiancé to the gym….every day! Fitness means going for a run with Dolly. ((Oh we haven’t talked about Dolly much…I don’t know how!!!! But, Dolly is our sweet Labrador girl who rules our lives!)) It means going to the river and climbing rocks. It means washing my face twice a day. It means going for a hike. It means using all sorts of skin creams. Fitness means buying new workout clothes and running shoes. It means making new fit friends. It means drinking lots of water. It means sitting in the sauna. It means eating lots of colorful vegetables. It means having fresh flowers & plants all over my house. It means blogging. It means going to the farmers market. Fitness means I’m finally good at something for once in my life. Fitness is my lifestyle. It means looking in the mirror and saying I LOVE who I’ve become.


FITNESS IS ME!!!!!!!!!!


Let your fitness be whatever YOU want it to be.


Thanks ALWAYS for all of the love and support fitfam…y’all are seriously DA BEST!!!!!!








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