I guess it’s the nurse in me…

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Gosh, y’all know how I feel about my food-well pretty much how we all feel about food!  Unfortunately, it can be a curse or a cure to being fit and healthy.  Food is the one thing that can transform your body like no workout can.  Not even the most intense of workouts can change your body if you’re not willing to put in the work in the kitchen.  Trust me.  I  know this.  I spent my wheels for months-gosh I would even say a year before I started REALLY learning about nutrition and what it can do for the body.  It can be MAGIC!!! For real!  I would go in the gym and train my tail off day after day and still nothing.  No muscles, no cuts, no nothing-just losing weight here and there.  I’m seeing all the smokin hot people and I’m over here like I’m working twice as hard as them in the gym like what’s the problem here?! It was my nutrition.  Plain && simple.  (((Now I’ll just tell you right now there are those “blessed” people who do have great genetics and a burning metabolism that just won’t slow down-those are the said people who can eat whatever they want whenever they want…those little shits!!!))) JUST KIDDING, I have friends like this and of course I wish that were the case with me, but it’s NOT.  And, I know my body well enough to know it never will be.  So you suck it up and deal with what you’re given.  That’s life.  No sense in feeling sorry for yourself cause you CAN make changes if you want.  You CAN get the body and health you want.  I found my saving grace to nutrition and staying in shape-you can too.  So I like to take the approach to nutrition that has allowed Daniel and myself to maintain our health and fitness while being able to enjoy life at the same time.  Thank you sweet Jesus for “if it fits your macros” better known as flexible dieting.    

I’ve touched on the subject of food before.  I’ve given a few ideas on what to eat.  Harped on y’all about water intake-I know y’all are getting your gallon a day, right?!! Better be 😀

So, I want to touch base on macro-nutrients and the “if it fits your macros” approach to nutrtion that I’m talking about. I know I’ve helped many of you with it in the past…or at least tried to explain it, but it’s definitely a lot to learn.  I get that.  Lord, you should have seen me trying to track macros the first few weeks-months even.  I still eat out of measuring cups on the reg. LOL. Daniel’s pretty good at it-accountants would be good at number tracking right. (eye roll-he always has to correct me on my math).  There’s no way one can possibly take it all in and be good at it the first few weeks of attempting to “find and fit your macros”.  So I’ll start off with a little run through of what macro-nutrients are…

Protein-muscle building, Carbs-energy, Fats (lipids)-hormone regulation

Now there are micronutrients needed in the diet as well, but if you’re eating a nutrient dense diet you will be getting what you need as far as those go.  Once you find the correct balance of macronutrients your body needs to maintain a healthy state-you can then manipulate those numbers based on your goals of gaining/losing weight, muscle, etc.  It’s a little more than strictly counting calories, but it’s worth it because tracking your macros is the trick to really transforming your body.

Now what I won’t do is go into exact detail on your specific numbers or tell you what you should be eating right now.  That’s what my clients are paying me for.  And, it takes time and patience figuring out the numbers and writing a meal plan that meets them and all that. Of course I would be more than happy to help you do that though!!! I love doing it. But, the point I want to make here isn’t about the exact numbers or any of that, but the fact that I see more and more people these days taking “if it fits your macros” so literal.

I HAVE NOT HAD SUCCESS with my nutrition and physique by taking the “iifym” approach literal.  I can tell you that right now.  (((Going on record to say I AM NOT JUDGING ANYONE IF THEY CAN AND DO TAKE IT LITERAL-your body, your choice!!!)))  I know many people who take it literal-fitting basically any food, any drink, anything they can think of into their macros.  Pizza, burgers, beer, candy, ice-cream, processed cereals & pastries, cookies, etc.  I could go on and on.  You get the point here though…these foods aren’t the greatest choice as far as nutrition goes.  You will absolutely see people who can eat these things on a daily basis and fit them into their numbers-BAM!  They have a smokin hot body because they’ve simply stayed within their numbers-but, if you do this on a regular basis every single day the inside of your body may not hold up or stay healthy quite as long.

THIS IS JUST ME BEING REALISTIC.  THIS IS SCIENCE. This is not something I’m making up. Maybe it’s just the nurse in me…but, I know what goes on in the body when we put these types of foods in our bodies on a regular basis.  Like I said-not judging whatsoever if you do or can have success with this approach, but just know that this type of nutrition can lead to diabetes, heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), and lots of other ailments and illnesses in the long run.

NOW.  Don’t get me wrong-if you know me or have ever been out to eat with me you know I can put down some good (not so healthy) food!  Any and all of those foods at times!!! Ya girl can eat…BUT, I don’t do it on a daily basis-or even a weekly basis.  (I AM NOT PROCLAIMING TO BE PERFECT). Just saying, I don’t eat junk all the time-that’s all.  That’s why I don’t feel bad or guilty when I do.  The key to happiness and success is to find a BALANCE.  That doesn’t mean cutting out anything and everything you love.  You should NOT do that.  If you want a treat you need to have a treat.  If you want ice cream-you need to have it.  Try to take my treats away from me…hahaha.  See what happens. But, like I said don’t make it an every day thing.

Flexible dieting means just that.  It’s flexible-meaning you can have those treats and things every now and then as long as they “fit your numbers”.  As long as most of your meals are home cooked and fairly clean then this method of flexible dieting WILL work. And, you WILL be healthy on the inside and out. I’m living proof.  Don’t you think for a minute I eat chicken and veges for every single meal-I don’t!!! I have french toast, waffles, sausage, bacon, sandwiches, ice cream, steak, burgers, and lots of other things!!! But, I cook them at home.  I track them.  I make sure I know what’s in them.  I opt for healthier versions, lower fats, fewer additives.  I cut back on salts, I choose natural sweeteners over processed…you get the point. You can be creative and still have versions of the foods you love while being clean and healthy at the same time!!! How great is that?!!

Keep it healthy and clean most of the time for your own health’s sake.  Think about the long haul!!! Yes, I wanna look good. Yes, I want to feel good in a bikini.  I know everyone does.  But, more importantly I’m doing this for way more than that-you should too!!! The looks will follow-they always do.  So, next time you go to make a meal think about ways you can make it a little cleaner-can you cut back on a little salt, can you opt for a lighter oil or cooking spread, can you make it sugar free or with a natural sweetener?  Little changes will bring big results-I promise!!!

The point here is that ultimately EVERYONE wants to be healthier and happier, but NO ONE wants to give up the things they love-especially not food!  SO DON’T!  Try flexible dieting-stay clean most of the time and treat yourself when you need it.  You deserve it, your body deserves it!!!

If you have questions or want to know more feel free to e-mail me at baggerlybuildingfitness@gmail.com.



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