A Southwestern Virginia Girl.

From green mountains to concrete ones…


Richmond Skyline

Well here it goes…can’t even finish this in one sitting I know. But, I will find my words eventually.  So many emotions~so many feelings.  I feel like I’ve been molding into a different woman lately ..well not really, but kind of.  I’m still the same Kim.  I’m Kim Baggerly-for those of you who are new to my blog welcome && I am so glad you’re here 🙂  Since I am expanding my blog and social media outside of fitness I want to introduce myself again~this time not as “that fit girl who lost a bunch of weight”.  Yes, I did in fact lose a bunch of weight and if you wish to know more about my weight loss journey then just sift through my blog and you will find all the details.  You will also get plenty more health blogs from me as well don’t ya worry about that! I am STILL a health fanatic. But, more importantly I am Kim~a wife, a college grad, a nurse, a lover, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a child of Christ, a coffee-aholic, a shopper, a mountain girl, a fashionista, a green queen, a gardener, a mug connoisseur, a lab momma, a yogi, a thrifter, a home decorator,  a make-up artist (self proclaimed hehe), and the list goes on and on. The point is that I am so much more than just “that fit girl”. I have so many thoughts and experiences I want to share with the world.  I do not care if only one person takes away from my blog or a thousand do~helping and inspiring others in life is what I love most whether it be through fitness, style, fashion, my up-bringing, gardening, morals, thrifting, or anything!

Two of the most life changing happenings in my journey have occurred within a year of each other and man have they changed my outlook on life all together lately~I am now a wife & a college grad.  I take these two titles, responsibilities, blessings, privileges, whatever we wish to call them so serious.  I think these changes in my life this past year have given me a new appreciation for all of the little things in life from my childhood and upbringing to getting to wake up beside my husband every single day and cook dinner together every single night.  And, there’s just some things I want to think about out loud.  Maybe just maybe I can make someone’s day better, make their thoughts a little deeper, or their dreams a little bigger.  I hope I can.  So my goal is to share my thoughts & life experiences here in my diary with y’all…there’s so much more to come in this great life! Since graduation I’ve been reminiscing on my childhood a little for whatever reason && just a few thoughts came to mind…I wanted to share! 🙂

I am a totally different woman than I was a year ago aside from my person. And, I am a totally different woman than the little girl who grew up in small town USA.  At the very end of an old dirt road in Southwestern Virginia to be exact.    I’d like to talk  a little about my up-bringing, about home, about life on that dirt road, and how I’ve changed so much, but not really changed at all, since I left it.

I’ll start by saying a Southwestern Virginian girl doesn’t know a whole lot about much of anything outside of her family and town…at first anyway.  She grows up at the end of an old dirt road…a holler. She plays with her cousins, she gets dirt under her finger nails, she wears hand me down clothes, she eats what her momma fixes, she hydrates on sweet tea, she gets bloody scrapes on her knees from fallin off her bike one too many times, she rides ponies, she knows everyone in her class, she gets her feelings hurt, but she’s tough as nails, she gets whippins when she doesn’t listen to her momma, she doesn’t get a lot, but she gets enough, she’s scared to death of her daddy and that screamin preacher man on Sunday mornings when she goes to church with her mamaw, she hunts and she fishes, she fights with her little brother, she doesn’t think about much more than these things right now, she makes it though her childhood just fine, better than fine.

A Southwestern Virginia girl goes to middle school a little too chubby, she gets name called sometimes, but that doesn’t phase her…at least they don’t know it does.  She joins the cheerleading squad, she gets honor roll because she knows better not to, she is loved by her teachers, she is finding herself, but she’s really just scared to death.  She has cousins in high school, she’s excited about that, she’s tired of school and all those petty middle school girls, she has a few good friends, she is her daddy’s girl, she still hunts and fishes, she lives for the weekends and horse shows, she loves outside, she loves being home, she doesn’t know anything about college, but she’s heard about it, she doesn’t think she’ll ever go, she doesn’t think she can, she knows her momma and daddy don’t have the money for that stuff, she crushes on a boy, she knows she’s growing up, she wants to, but she knows the best life is the one spent at the end of that dirt road with her family, she knows people don’t ever really leave.

And, a Southwestern Virginia girl makes it to high school, she can’t believe it, she’s dating that boy, she thinks he is the greatest thing in the world, she still makes honor roll, because she still has too, she’s even more scared of her momma, she’s snuck out a time or two, she’s gotten her butt whipped more times than she should have because she knows better, she always has, she feels like she’s grown, but she knows she isn’t, she has tried cigarettes and the taste of beer, she has fought like cats and dogs with her momma and that boy too, she teases her hair to the high heavens, she wears too much makeup, she probably does it because she’s insecure, actually she does it because it’s all she’s ever known, she cares about how she looks and what people think, she still doesn’t think she could ever make it out, but she wants to now, she wants out so bad she can’t stand it, she knows there’s more to life now, she’s been to New York, she’s been to Chicago, because she was blessed with mentors who care, she still knows her family doesn’t have the money, she knows her momma made it alright with a high school diploma, she knows her daddy didn’t even get to finish, she has no clue how she’s makin in this big world, but she knows she’s not giving up now.

Well guess what y’all…a Southwestern Virginia girl makes it out!  She did it, she applied for all those scholarships, she went to college, she changed her mind a blue million times, she transferred colleges twice before she found her place, she made a lot of mistakes, but she made so many great choices, she kept pushing for all the things she wanted in life, she struggled like hell, she was broke and poor, she grew up that way, she grew up on love though, she knows she was really rich, she knows she was blessed, she loves her family more than life itself, she worked long hours, she worked her ass off, she finally found her passion and not just one, she lost all that weight, she married the man of her dreams, she has had his support from the very beginning, she learned how to cook, she learned how to be a wife, she learned how to love, she got caught up in so many things along the way, she realized some things aren’t worth worrying over, she realizes she needs to enjoy every single little thing in this short life and that’s exactly what she’s doing now!!!

She is still a Southwestern Virginia girl, but she lives in the city now, she’s still a mountain girl, she still hunts, she still fishes, she’s still scared of her momma, she’s still her daddy’s little girl, she loves her family, she still has her roots, she knows what struggle is, but she’s working hard so she doesn’t have to, she loves her new life, but she appreciates her old one, she loves her husband, she is a nurse, she is a college grad, she realizes she is so many great things, she realizes she can do so much for this world, she feels beyond blessed to have all of the wonderful blessings she’s worked for, she is a worldly woman now, she fits in anywhere, she wants to, she appreciates the city, she appreciates other cultures, she sees the best in both worlds, but she is still the same Southwestern Virginia girl she always was, && she always will be. ❤

A Southwestern Virginia girl.

I’ve learned so much these past few years about life and love not even realizing it~when you finally figure out you get to choose your own life and your own path you find true happiness.  Going to college was a big dream for me~may not be that big to some, but it was to me.  Going to college changed my life. Going to college has given me the opportunity to be able to be any kind of woman I want to be. It has made many of my other dreams come true too. I made it. I could have given up a thousand times, but I’m no quitter.  YOU cannot be a quitter.  No matter what your dream is big or small~DON’T quit.  Go after it~go after it with everything you have.  Don’t worry about the small things just take a chance. You have to.  Do it so you can enjoy the little things in life, do it so you can travel, do it so you can adventure, do it so you can try new foods, do it so it so you can spoil your loved ones, do it so you can meet new people, do it so you can learn about other cultures, do it so you can know what living is really all about!  DO IT! ❤




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