We bought a house…

Where have I been…well we bought a house.  Let me tell you right now never in a million years do you think buying a perfectly livable house is so much work, ohhh but it is!  Shortly after I graduated last May we decided to buy a house instead of continuing to rent.  We closed in the later part of August.  Well that’s basically what consumed the better half of our 2016.  That’s actually one of the reasons I let my fitness media fall to the way side a little…that and learning how to be a nurse and human at the same time!  Never fear the work of this little old house has kept me in shape though!!! And, now 6 months later I feel like I can finally talk about it and share our new home 🙂  Mostly, I just want to share the 6 month cosmetic transformation ((that’s no where near finished :D)), but I’d be happy to share the actual (SCARY, NERVE RACKING) buying process as well if anyone is interested!  In the end it’s all worth it though…I promise!

We wanted small, but big enough.  I hate cleaning I just want to decorate and forget the cleaning part! So, we ended up with the perfect cape (for us) in the area of Richmond we’ve been wanting to live in for quite some time.  So the last 6 months we’ve been busy as bees transforming into ours…I plan to blog the process along the way.  We’ll see how that goes! Below are some pics from move-in till now of some painting projects we’ve done.  There are several more rooms that we’re still working on.  And our bathroom is coming along too. Decorating has commenced!!  Daniel isn’t amused until he goes to someone else’s house…then he comes home and thanks me for taking after my mamaw’s ways.  I love home decorating && sometimes I wonder if I missed my calling.  Anyhow, maybe I’ll have time to share more.  I always say that and then fail…so we’ll see! 🙂


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