All naturaleeee…not!

When you work 3 days a week && off for 4…you finally have time to do your make-up when you feel like it and blog a little!  Sharing some more looks that I love. Transitioning into lighter colors as the winter months pass on, but I’m still team dark lips forever!  Loving these spring/natural looks though.  Don’t be fooled my face is fully caked in all of these photos.  That’s what I LOVE so much about different types and brands of make-up.  You can literally get any look you want! Picked up some new products from Ulta last week && I hope to share them soon when I get the time to put it all together.  It was all inexpensive too, which is even better!  Now I’m off to enjoy a sweat sesh!  Leggies && abs to get ready for our anniversary trip to Mexico.  ❤ ❤ ❤ Have a great day beautiful friends!



Natural pinks w/ice glaze highlight!
Ice glaze highlight w/blush overlay. Grey Envy matte lips, but looks pinkish on my skin.
This is filtered, but I still love this natural look w/ caramel lip stain.
Shimmer golds and bronze.

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