Fit Friday~Stay Fresh!

In lieu of this being a ~mostly~ fitness blog I have decided to try and post one fitness blog a week…maybe like a “Fit Friday” if you will!  As many of you know I harp and harp on nutrition being the most important part of being healthy. So I’ve decided my first “Fit Friday” blog will be about my nutrition and Stay Fresh Meal Prep…my saving grace when it comes to food!!! If you’ve read my blog “nurse life” you know that I have struggled a little on and off this year even with my fitness journey and staying on track.  Between buying a house and starting my career it’s been a bit touch and go with my fitness “stuff”.  However, I’m back and I’m MORE motivated than ever.  😀  For a few reasons…&& the most important one I’m about to share.

Stay Fresh Meal Prep in Richmond, Virginia, has saved my soul from the depths of despair.   No really y’all!!!  I was on a downward spiral in a way.  I was eating anything I wanted and I wasn’t tracking nearly as consistent as I had been the last couple years.  Being at the hospital 13-14 hours a day is something you have to get used to…trust me.  So thank goodness Sam & Susie came to Richmond when they did because this meal prep company has changed my whole mindset and body for the better.  This is not a commercial.  I am not getting paid to write this. No one asked me to do this.  I am just sharing this because I like sharing things that work for me and things that I truly believe in.  I believe in this company.

Since the beginning of my fitness journey I have never been one to look into a meal prep company.  For one we never had the money…at least I didn’t think we did.  Daniel and I were both in school and trying to get our life together, plan a wedding, buy a house, etc.  And, also I just never really thought it would make a difference from cooking and preparing at the house.  But, I’ll tell you this…whether you’re married or single, a nurse, or accountant.  No matter what lifestyle you live life is bound to get crazy at some point or another and that’s exactly what happened to us.  We found ourselves getting take out or going to dinner several times a week for the simple fact of getting to have 5 minutes together.  Up until this point I’ve been a rotator at work meaning I’m back and forth between days and nights even in the same week on some weeks.  Our time together is precious and we take what we can get, but man what a bummer to have to spend several hours a week preparing and prepping food.  ((Daniel eats A LOT y’all!!!)).  😛  Not to mention we would buy a ton of groceries and end up throwing stuff out because we just didn’t have the time to cook it.  So when we heard about Stay Fresh coming to Richmond we were all in.

We’ve been ordering meals for several months now.  And, I’ll say it again…it’s been a life changer for us.  You may think it’s too expensive or too lazy or too fitness-y, but THINK again.  I can’t tell you how many of my friends and co-workers who agree with me as well. You will probably end up saving money because you won’t eat out as much (these meals average ~$8-$10~ a meal I would say ((USE CODE “KIM5” FOR A DISCOUNT AND “SAVE15” FOR YOUR FIRST ORDER))!  And, you won’t waste as much food because these meals are perfectly portioned for you.  You can pick and choose your meals and customize them to your liking.  They literally arrive on your doorstep or you can choose to pick them up as well.  Pop them in the microwave and you’re golden!  You can sit at home over candle light even 😛 or take them on the go literally anywhere.  You don’t have to be a body builder, a weight lifter, a runner, or even into fitness at all really…their menu is diverse and there’s so many options to choose from.  Whether you’re looking to gain weight, lose weight, or just save time and money on food I urge you to look into a meal prep company.  And, if you are into fitness then it’s game on.  You can meet literally any goal you want.  From breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between-Stay Fresh has us covered! If you’re in Richmond-obviously Stay Fresh is the way to go 🙂 But, even if you’re not I’m telling you this type of service is one that you should take advantage of if you’re able.  Your mind, body, and health will thank you in the long run.  Aren’t we supposed to spend our time enjoying life and doing the things we love anyway?!  For the sake of your sanity…I urge you to just TRY IT!!!  My next goal is Operation: look kick ass in Mexico.  Here we go!!!

Stay Fit && Stay Fresh my friends!!! ❤





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