Happy FriYayy Y’all!

fullsizerender-34Today’s *Fit Friday* blog post isn’t about aesthetics or nutrition or anything like that at all.  I want to touch more on having a happy mindset today, which for me plays one of the biggest roles in being healthy all together.

I am currently on day 1 recovery from 3-12 hour shifts at the hospital.  All that “3 on 4 off schedule is everything” talk is sometimes overrated I tell ya!  I am wore slap dab out y’all.  I mostly had the same patients for all 3 days, which is great for continuity of care, but if you have difficult or very sick patients it can take a toll on your mind and body.  Just like any job I am sure. So here we are…after 3 long days of what I would call pretty darn difficult patients ((well mostly just one)), but you get the point.  I have 4 days off, but today doesn’t really count because all my fellow nurse fam can tell you we have to spend our first day off recuperating.  3 long days of galley coffee and patients with pain control issues. I needed this day y’all.  I needed today starting at the end of the day on Tuesday and it was an uphill struggle from there.  So today I am relaxing.  I slept in.  I am blogging.  I got my lashes done. I watched Netflix.  I bought my favorite latte.  I am taking the girls for a walk.  I am training with my hubs.  Most importantly  I am doing all the things that make me happy on a daily basis and that my people is how I keep a healthy mind.

The picture above has some great meaning to me today too.  The little book to the left has sat in my living room in THREE different homes.  It was a gift to me picked up at Anthropology several years ago because when I saw it I thought that is such a good idea.  My aunt paid for it and handed the bag to me and I brought it home and it’s basically been table tray decor ever since.  Always just a good idea.  I can’t lie I may have glanced through it 2-3 times in all the years I’ve had it.  I have no clue why.  BUT, today that changes for me.  Today and every other day I have off…I wanna start doing at least “one good deed a day” from this little book.  One, I’m tired of staring at it wondering what each little page must read.  And, two I know doing this is something else that I can easily do to keep my mind and soul happy while making the world a better place.  Doing something for someone else or myself that has a positive impact just makes me feel so good inside.  As I sat this morning drinking my coffee I started thinking of all the things I can do to become a better person and to do good in this world.  I don’t know what it is y’all…does this mean I’m getting older?  NO!!!  Lord knows I’m refusing old age.  Maybe it just means my soul is getting older.  Let’s say its that.  But, my job alone is not enough for me.  It’s just not.  I want to be doing something good in this world even on the days I’m not in the hospital taking care of sick people.  So today and every other day off I have from here on out I am going to be doing things that will help myself and others be better and happier.  I mean why wouldn’t I??  And, I encourage each of you to do the same.  With all the hate and heartache in the world today…it’s literally the least we can do for each other.  The more positive we are the more happier we’ll feel.  At least that is my experience.  At some point almost every single day I wonder how my life is even real.  No joke.  I am not writing this to brag in any sort of way, but I am writing this because I feel so incredibly blessed and I want every human in this world to feel that.  I feel like continuously trying to be a genuinely good person and hard work has given me such a beautiful life.  Those two things.  Nothing else.  Most of y’all know where I come from-money wise-NOTHING. But, just because you start with nothing doesn’t mean you can’t offer so many great things to the world.  You can still do so much for yourself and for other people by simply being a good person.  I think people forget that sometimes.  Never forget that though.  When you remember to be a good person and do good in the world…amazing things happen to you.  That’s the way life is y’all 🙂

I have no idea where I’m going with this, but what I do know is that I want to spend my life being a good person with a happy mind and a good heart.  That literally costs nothing y’all.   And, so far that has gotten me exactly where I want to be in life.  May as well do more.  So today I am starting my “one good deed a day” challenge.  Do it with me ❤ ❤ ❤




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