Fit Friday~Workout Vid!

Happy Friday all my lovely people! ❤

This is my 3rd ~Fit Friday~ post and I’m so very proud of myself for keeping up with this these past few weeks.  It feels good to stick to something…let’s hope it stays this way 😛  Today I am sharing one of my little cardio workout clips on YouTube.  I told y’all I am preparing for our Mexico anniversary trip so I’ve been adding in more cardio to my workouts lately. Gotta get this pony tightened up so Daniel doesn’t trade me in for a young little thang. :O  I HATE steady state cardio on the treadmill and I never seem to see as good of results as I do from HIIT training aka me jumping around and acting like a fool!!! It’s just more fun that way…plus if you know me I don’t sit still anyhow.  Soooo I put together a little video of some jumping around cardio…try it!  It’s way more fun than the treadmill and it’ll get cha sweating like a whore in church. Yes, I’m allowed to say that…it’s my blog and if you don’t like it then get outta here! 😛  I’m sharing vid link below and it’ll take you to my YouTube channel too.  This way y’all can subscribe to my channel ❤ Hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend.  I’m off for 5 days and it’s 72 and sunny in Richmond today.





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