It’s been 3 months since y’all have heard from me…wish it was more often.  Hopefully, it can and will be more often now that school isn’t quite as crazy.  I can’t believe I’ll be a college grad in 5 months!!! Finally. Gahhh-I never thought I’d see the day. But, as with anything in life…hard work pays off!!

I’ve been a busy bee lately, but that’s only because I’ve been busting my tail trying to wrap up semester-end AND studying to fulfill my fitness goals that I said I was going to do wayyyyy back if you recall.  So, with that being said I’m excited to share that I am now an ASFA certified personal trainer and will begin taking clients VERY SOON!!!!!!!!! This has been my goal for awhile as many of you know…but, I had a hard time committing to the title of “personal trainer” and I’ll tell you why.  You all know by now, well most of you, that I struggled with weight my whole life…I was the elementary school girl who outweighed all the boys, in middle school I was ashamed at the health fair because I weighed the most out of anyone in the class, and through high school I had Daniel who fed me McDonald’s biscuits and gravy and sweet tea every day.  (He meant well…he did it cause he loved me.  And, I threatened him :P) Haha. Long story short (you can sift back through my blog if you want), I went away to college and and discovered that it’s all me now…no momma’s southern home cooking, no Daniel bringing me McDonald’s…so who’s fault was it that I hated the way I looked or felt at 200lbs?  Exactly.  So, I started my fitness journey in early 2013 and didn’t even really know it.  I’m now coming up on 3 years of being committed to a healthy life!!! && I haven’t looked back.  200lbs-130lbs.  It’s weird to say this, but even 3 years later I sometimes have a hard time viewing myself as the new me…but, HERE I AM! All the sweat, tears, and hard work have paid off.  So, my 2016 New Year’s Resolution is to finally embrace my healthy life and help as many people as possible become healthier and happier!!!

I have fluctuated with weight during the times that I’ve wanted…y’all remember that time I decided to be a body builder for 4 months!!! So, during that time I manipulated my training and diet down to a whopping 123lbs-12/13% body fat! But, I knew I wasn’t staying there and I didn’t.  So in my last blog I updated y’all on my reverse diet journey and even then I was STILL afraid to commit to becoming a trainer because I wasn’t sure how my reverse diet would go.  No one wants a trainer who looks like they need a trainer, am I right??? SOOOO, I put my goals off even longer…in the back of my mind still wishing and hoping that I would get the guts to finally start helping others achieve their goals. But, still waiting to make sure I recovered my metabolism and continued on my healthy journey.

NOW!!! Fast forward 4 months later into my reverse diet & I’m proud to say that I have reverse dieted to my approval about 10lbs up from stage weight, still feel fairly lean, and still feeling HEALTHY as ever!!!

Here’s the thing…when I commit to something, I’m in.  I’m all in.  Truth is, I don’t know why I ever doubted myself in helping others get fit or get healthy or build muscle or lose weight or WHATEVER they want because I’ve proved to myself time and time again that I can do this…I will continue doing this, because this is my life.  It’s who I am.  My weight loss journey is a part of who I am and always will be and I’m going to use it in the most positive way I know how and that’s to help others do the same.  I’ve not only lost weight on this journey, I discovered who I am, gained confidence, married a healthy handsome man, learned how to eat clean, but still enjoy, started doing yoga, lifting weights, and made lifelong supportive friends…I can go on and on.  Y’all know this I’ve told you time and time again all the positives.  AND, guess what…I can’t give you one negative consequence of becoming a healthier person.  SO, I’m still in this!!!

Instead of referring to myself as a “personal trainer” I think I’m going to call myself a health coach/trainer!  Not only because it’s been a term that I’ve shied away from for so long, but I don’t just want to tell people how to workout, show them an exercise, give them a number to eat, yada, yada, yada…I want to help people learn how to workout and enjoy it, how to eat healthier, become happier, and enjoy how they feel when they walk 2 miles or what they see when they look in the mirror and I want to hear about it and talk about it…and most importantly I want to do it with you! I love hearing and seeing progress. Hearing about someone else’s journey or seeing it with my own eyes just fuels my fire.  I like that.  I need that.

AND, I want to tell you that it is YOUR TURN!!! If you want it to be because I’M ALL IN!!! I’M IN IT FOR ME AND NOW I’M IN IT FOR YOU!!!

I’m working on my online plans right now with Daniel’s help!  We are finishing the initial questionnaire, which I will provide to ALL clients so I can tailor your plan. It should be ready tomorrow.  (((All of you who have messaged me or asked…HERE’S YOUR CHANCE TO START!))) He’s coming up on busy season as an accountant, but he enjoys doing this just as much as me and I’ll need the help!  He is my biggest supporter behind all of this and when I said over and over again…should I do it? Well, here I am doing it!!! His workouts and nutrition have worked for me and my workouts and nutrition have worked for him so we’re combining all the things we’ve had success with in these plans!  We are not experts, no know it alls. But, I will say we’ve been doing this for 3 years now with a combined weight loss of 170lbs. We’ve lost a whole person together, but we’ve gained a world of happiness!!! Now it’s time to share our journey and help others.

I will offer 2 online INDIVIDUALIZED plans to to start-one for home workouts/nutrition support (great for weight loss and moms or anyone who can’t get to the gym-can use resistance bands and dumbbells), one for gym workouts/nutrition support (great for wanting to build muscle, tone, lose body fat, lose weight, etc). These will be FUN && HARD full-body plans tailored to YOU and YOUR needs.  You tell me your goals & I will do my best to help you ACCOMPLISH THEM!  These plans will be 8 weeks…and then we can continue the journey together if you wish! The plans will include workouts, nutrition guidance on how to track your calories and macros (I owe all of my success to macro counting), e-mail support, weekly check-ins, workout videos for guidance, etc. We can discuss specifics in detail through e-mail support.  I WILL PAY ATTENTION TO YOU. You will receive individual feedback-not an automated e-mail update!  You will check-in and have my full support!

To start, there will be an 8 week-New Year, New You Fit Challenge beginning in January (((w/ a prize to the winner if I get 5 or more clients so TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!! It will be WORTH IT! Before and after pics will be required.))) ALL of you ladies looking to tone up those arms for a tank, build a booty, or slim down for that spring vacation…THIS IS YOU!!!  ALL of you guys looking to trim some weight, fill out your clothes, or tone up for your swim trunks…THIS IS YOU!!! For ANYONE who is ready to change their life…THIS IS FOR YOU!!! It’s your beginning to FOREVER! You just have to START!

E-MAIL ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED so I will have an idea about prizes and how many plans-BOTH ONLINE PLANS CAN PARTICIPATE IN THIS CHALLENGE!!! THERE WILL BE A LIMITED NUMBER OF SPOTS SO LET ME KNOW-this is to ensure I don’t spread myself too thin at first!!! As I said, I want to give individualized attention to my clients! Any interests in online training OR in-person training please e-mail

Local in-person training will be available on a session basis with long term options available.  We will talk goals and come up with an individualized plan!!! Online INDIVIDUALIZED plans will start at $75 (this will include the first challenge so why not work for a PRIZE…it will be a PERFECT Christmas gift to yourself!) There may be more challenges throughout the year as well!  Also, if you do not wish to participate in the challenge I will offer month to month online training or a personal 8 week plan with the same individualized attention and same support.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THE CHALLENGE TO START THIS. In-person training pricing to be determined.  I will be updating when the questionnaire & challenge details are finished! Stay tuned.

I’M ALL IN, ARE YOU?!!! TREAT YOURSELF, MIND && BODY this new year…START NOW!!! I’m looking forward hearing from YOU! 🙂

Stay Strong,




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